Do you have a set plan on how you shop for your kids each year?

There’s a mantra that helps outline what to put on the list:

Something they want
Something they need
Something to wear
Something to read

Fun and practical, right? It’s a saying I’ve followed since having kids!

I start prepping early by making a list. What do they need? What sizes do they wear? What toys or goodies do they want? And what categories are they interested in? What’s our budget per kid? (Not that they would ever know, but I always try to spend as close to the same on them as possible!) We also try not to overdo it — not everything they want and nothing too extravagant. No spoiled attitudes here!

Next, I start searching online or brainstorming to make a list. (Believe it or not, this is fun for me!) I put links together and go over ideas with my husband, then I start shopping around. I wait for sales, search for coupon codes, and sign up for email alerts so discounts come to me. My Amazon account is utilized heavily!

Finding these deals is another source of fun for me!

I also give a few ideas to grandparents — we are lucky in that they ask what the kids will want and use vs. just buying something at random.

Finally, I start ordering items early. Even though the money is budgeted, it affects us less when we put forward a little at a time. Finally, I keep track of what I’ve bought and how much each item costs in a notebook so I don’t forget. (Yes, I’ve accidentally gotten duplicates in the past because I forgot what I’d already purchased.)

By the time Christmas rolls around (or close to it), we have a closet full of items that are ready to be wrapped and put under a tree!

What are your best holiday shopping tips? How do you shop for your kids?