Remote work is taking over all types of industries these days. Thanks to the ease of access via WiFi and a pandemic that forced many companies to go remote, working from home doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it’s getting easier, more sought-after, and more accepted among top brands. 

For milspos, there couldn’t be better news! For decades we’ve struggled to keep jobs as we moved across the world. And now, we can keep them. The same job … no matter where we move. 

That’s pretty unbeatable, right?!

Take a look at these smart tips to help yourself remain successful, even when you don’t work in an in-person job. These tips can help keep you more productive and on-task, no matter where the military will take you. 

Set a Schedule

It doesn’t matter if you work in the middle of the night, normal business hours, or hours before the sun comes up. Set a schedule and stick to it. You might rearrange by the week, but by having something in place, you can then move your work hours when (or where) you need them to be. One big perk to working remotely is that you can adjust as needed — assuming your employer is on board. But you also have to stop working at some point in the day. Step away from your computer and log out to enjoy your downtime. Just because you’re at home does not also mean that you’re at work. 

Set a schedule to help with this distinction.

Create a Workspace

Working from home can be difficult to stay on task. There are distractions like chores, and if we’re being honest, the TV … your comfy bed! And it can take some adjusting. But if you set up a workspace that’s dedicated just to work, you can better get in the routine of knocking off your to-do list rather than taking too many breaks. 

If you really don’t have the room, clear off a table and pull out your work items for each “shift” then put them away when you’re done. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this can make. 

Get out of the House

Working from home and relaxing at home can mean a lot of time in one place … and with no socialization. Find ways to get out, be active, and keep in touch with loved ones in order to keep up with your mental health. This might mean doing things in a way that’s still safe and socially distanced, but you can remain germ-free while still leaving your lounge/workspace now and then. 

When applicable, you can even go work in a fun new space. Check out places in town that have WiFi for a change of scenery. Or, consider renting an office space until it’s time to PCS. 

Don’t Denounce Your Work

No matter what you do, it’s no less just because you’re doing it from home. This is something you and your family members need to understand. It doesn’t mean you can take off to run errands or keep the house spotless, it means you have things to get done … and you’re doing them from home. 

First, you have to put yourself in the mindset that what you’re doing is important. Then, ensure everyone else is on board with this plan too. It can be a great start to keeping everyone on the same page and allowing you to get work done consistently.

There are many perks that can come from working remotely. As a military spouse, it can help advance your career and keep you gainfully employed through any number of military circumstances. 

Consider these key steps to help advance your next remote gig.