Baseball season during deployment...

February 27

I am not even sure I remember today as I was all over town running from opening day to game to home to game.  I certainly can NOT tell you the scores of their games.  This picture was the highlight though.  The boys were asked to recite the Little League pledge for opening day of the 2016 baseball season.  They each play in a different division.   This is the hardest time of the year for their Dad to be gone.  It kills him to not be here to watch their games.  I knew the boys were going to do the pledge, but I didn’t know the announcer (and E’s coach) was going to give a shout out to their Dad and all the men and women in the service.  It was very touching.  I am a member of the Board of Directors so I was on the field and very close to the boys.  Imagine my surprise when I saw my 13 year old getting choked up and struggling to recite his lines.  Precious!  I completely lose my social life during baseball season, but those little faces below are totally worth it!

Devine Boys LL Pledge
Reciting the Little League Pledge

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March 1

Remember when I said I missed my “dishwasher”?  I miss my CPA even more.  I HATE PAYING THE BILLS!!  I get so nervous I am going to forget to pay someone!  Today I spent over an hour trying to find $80.oo the bank said I had.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Better that way than the other, but it was making me crazy!  I decided to email J even though I hated to admit I couldn’t find the error.  Remember I am suppose to do all of this flawlessly.  HA!  Luckily he was sitting at his computer so I didn’t have to wait too long.  He wrote me back and said, “How far back did you go in the check book?”.  Well of course I only went as far back as the last balance was done, right?  How far back would you go?  Well, guess what?  There was an $80.00 check that still hasn’t been cashed from over two months ago.  It actually won’t ever be cashed.  It was a deposit check for the boys’ middle school soccer jerseys.  Once the jerseys were returned the check was torn up.  That unchecked box in the checkbook register was like three pages back.  UGH!!  That was my morning.

Baseball season during deployment...

My afternoon was full of baseball.  Shocker I know.  Here is the silly part.  No one had practice, no one had a game.  So why you ask was your afternoon full of baseball?  Well, because if E and G have a  day off, they go to the field to ump one game and announce another.  Honestly, as long as their school work doesn’t suffer I think this is great.  I don’t mind having to drive them back and forth.  They are making money, staying out of trouble and loving every minute of it!

Bradley Field

What do you hate doing the most when your loved one is on deployment?  Bills, yard work, dishes, homework with the kids?