The Sip: They Serve Absolutely No Purpose




Thursday August 9, 2018

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The Sip: They Serve Absolutely No Purpose










Throw Back

This week in 1969 at a “zebra crossing,” acclaimed photographer Iain Macmillan took one of the most recognized photographs of all time, reprised by bridal parties everywhere: The Beatles album cover for Abbey Road. Check out some ofthese great parodies and tributes.


Need to Know

Fake ballistic missile alert, three months of actual volcanic activity, and now a hurricane that just missed the big island. Everyone’s wish list duty station – Hawaii – lucked out as what could have been a Category 4 Hurricane downgraded and shifted. We’re still tracking “Hector” closely, likely because of our unfulfilled professional dreams of being a storm chaser, but also because it still has potential to strengthen as it moves across the ocean toward Asia. Fun fact: The only difference between a hurricane and a typhoon is the location where it happens. You’re welcome.

While we’re talking about storms … eleven months after Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico, almost all of the 1.4 million customers who lost power have theirs restored. Here’s hoping the 25 left will get theirs soon. And here we were complaining about slow WiFi at Starbucks: First world problems, fo’ real.

And finally, also struggling with getting the power back on? The Pentagon seems to have hit a little snag when doing an update to the MyCAA site – the military spouse scholarship program. What should have been back up and running by July 27 following scheduled maintenance is still down. Seems they should hire some milspouses for their IT department. Find out the work around here.


Want to Know

Turns out there’s a booming business of luxury chicken diapers and dresses. Yep, you read that correctly. One designer, who sells approximately 500-1000 per month (at $18 apiece) credits (blames?) Instagram. When asked about the dresses, she said, “They serve absolutely no purpose. Literally, no purpose, other than to look cute. They’re ridiculous.” At least she’s honest. Thanks internet, for making us wonder AGAIN how we aren’t millionaires.

Here’s a story of a man named Lance Bass. Who was busy trying to buy the Brady Bunch home. Kudos to the LA Times with their catchy headline for the piece about the NSYNC member’s quest for the famous tv house. Read “Sorry, Lance Bance: HGTV will buy, buy, buy Brady Bunch house, Discovery CEO says,” here.


Reading While We Sip

Speaking of amazing headlines, you absolutely have to read this story that we totally thought was satire. No #fakenews here, this incident really happened, and the write up, full of relevant toilet humor (yeah we can’t believe that makes sense either) is comedic gold.

Need another good laugh? Check out the military’s worst acronyms over on Task & Purpose. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t laugh out loud at the write up for the Driver Improvement Card.


Watching While We Sip

We’ll be honest, we’re still not really sure what the Kiki/In my feelings challenge is… but if we understood it we’d be confident declaring this older couple the winners in this must watch video.


Join Us!

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The Sip: They Serve Absolutely No Purpose