These are the 10 Murphy’s Laws of deployment
Photo: DVIDS, Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Erica Yelland

If you’ve experienced even half of a deployment, you know that, try as you might, there’s no way to hide from Murphy and his obnoxious laws. Things will go wrong… and when they do, they will all go wrong at once. There’s nothing you can do but embrace it and laugh.

10.  Some type of natural disaster will occur: tornado, flood, hurricane, earthquake, etc. If you are really lucky you may experience more than one disaster during a single deployment.

9.  At least one major appliance will break, blow up, leak and/or not work for some unknown reason (Kicking, slamming, throwing or hitting it will not fix it… but it does make you feel better.)

8.  Your cable will go out just as you sit down to finally watch an “adult” show.  Before you get too excited by the words “adult show”, I am just referring to anything not rated G.

7.  Your pet will eat something that was not edible, start throwing up in the middle of the night all over the rug, even though the tile was only two feet away.

6.  Your kids will pick up whatever is the flu of the week and will generously give it to every member of the family. Of course, you will be the last to get it, so the kids will be running wild and the dog will still be throwing up on the rug.

5.  Your kids will fall down, get hurt, and/or break something and you will end up in the emergency room–again – where they now know you by name.

4.  You wait all day for your spouse to call and the minute you walk out of the door to get the mail, a nice neighbor will stop to talk to you and you will miss the call– again!

3.  You’ll take the time to make a care package, carefully pack it, carefully fill out all of the forms, and take it to the post office, just to realize that the post office has changed its hours and is closed.

2.  Your spouse’s family insists on staying with you to welcome him or her home and after they arrive at your house, your spouse will call to say they are delayed another week.

1.  While your spouse is gone, things will go wrong!  But have no fear– because your military family is near!