#7 is so true!

10.  Your entry way consists of a duty bag, boots, flip flops and sneakers

9.  Your 3 year old has lived in 4 states and your 5 month old has lived in 2

8.  You have bought and sold more homes without him and it’s actually easier that way

7.  You know your husband’s social security number better than your own

6.  You register your children at their new school and ask the secretary if you can list her as your emergency contact

5.  Your child runs up to anyone in uniform because they think its daddy

4. You get a call from your 2nd graders teacher that during a game of hide and seek, your child had zip tied and hooded 5 of his classmates in fewer than 2 minutes (makes Daddy proud)

3.  Your photo albums, scrap books and children’s milestones are all organized by location instead of years

2.  You’re putting your child to bed and they ask how much longer before daddy get’s back home and you tell them we just need to share him a little bit longer

1.  Finally, you know you are a military mom when it’s hard enough to kiss your spouse goodbye for deployment, but knowing how much harder it would be to someday kiss your child goodbye, who’s following in daddy’s footsteps

#7 is so true!