Do you have pets?

As a military family, you often travel to see family and friends or to enjoy a trip away from your at-the-time home. Even if these occasions are rare, they involve making arrangements for your furry family members, whether they’re tagging along or staying back at home.

We can all agree that most cats like to stay at home. If possible, find a friend or neighbor who can take care of your cat. The same goes for hamsters, gerbils, birds, or any other pet who’s easier to keep at home. If you’re brand new to a location try an app that matches you with pet sitters in your area.
Next, think about dogs, who will need to be let out multiple times a day. A hired pet sitter is certainly an option. Or you can opt for a vet or pet daycare that offers overnight stays. In either case, read reviews and check out the facility before you book so you can ensure Fido will be well cared for while you’re away.

The other option is to take your pup (or pups) along with! For long car rides, give them plenty of space and offer comfort items like pillows or blankets. Remember that dogs can get anxious while traveling, so be sure to be patient! Frequent stops for potty breaks, water, and eating are a must too. Look for state parks or rest stops that have ample room for the pups to stretch their legs.

When staying in hotels or B&Bs, call ahead and ask about access for pets, too.

Don’t be discouraged if your dog isn’t quite acting themselves. They’ll soon be back to their happy selves with a normal routine. Remember to give lots of love and comfort throughout your travels!

Do you travel with pets? What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?