TRICARE’s having a rough 2018 and people aren’t happy
(Photo: DVIDS)

On January 1, TRICARE beneficiaries saw many changes including the combining of regions and transition to new heath care providers. By most accounts, it hasn’t gone smoothly. A snafu in data transfer affected more than 4,000 TRICARE recipients in the new TRICARE East region, while TRICARE has warned of very long wait times with their call centers. Beneficiaries are reporting delays in service and coverage as well. And folks are taking their frustrations to social media.

Frustrations over customer service

Facebook users commented on excessively long wait times, customer service representatives who can’t answer, and abrupt hang-ups during service. Other users reported difficulty using the website, from login information that isn’t recognized to slow load times.


Trouble with coverage

Quite a few comments reported difficulties with coverage and discrepancies in verifying their benefits.

Wallet pain

Various fees and copays have also increased since January 1. While the changes were announced months ago, beneficiaries are seeing the very real impact of those policy decisions on their bottom lines. For others, mix-ups in billing across the January 1 coverage switch date is concerning and costly.

By J. G. Noll