Medical Costume - Halloween in AfghanistanFortunately there are a few times a year when Americans overseas can celebrate a holiday that reminds them of home, and today happens to be one of those special days…

Halloween offers troops a chance to really get creative and have fun! It’s a great opportunity to break the daily routine and participate in a little morale booster.

Check out the photos that were sent in from Afghanistan…lots of fun costumes including ostrich riders, mummies, and of course, good ol’ fashioned super heroes! See the full Halloween Photo Gallery.

Super Hero Costumes - Halloween in AfghanistanIf you’re interested in helping the troops celebrate there is still something you can do to help! Every year at Halloween Operation Gratitude teams up with dentists across the country to “buy back” candy from kids who get more than they can eat… or an only child who doesn’t have anyone to trade the stuff they don’t like 😉

Kids get a reward for turning in their candy and all of the collected candy gets sent off to deployed servicemembers. To learn more about the program visit

Happy Halloween and stay safe out there!