Do you have tricks for updating your decor on a budget?

With frequent moves, there’s no denying that you’ll live in multiple locations throughout your tenure as a milspouse. That means plenty of housing, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. While sometimes we have an option to deny that dated, mismatched home, sometimes we need an address and can’t afford to be picky! Other times we’ve poured our heart and soul into a home, only to get orders sooner than expected. Talk about a bummer!!

No matter what the scenario, you aren’t alone. Spouses have been using clever tricks to upgrade their living spaces for decades. Take a look at some of the best options available, and remember that it’s only temporary. 

If you haven’t already, consider joining Facebook groups like White Walls, with several sub-pages, this group is entirely dedicated to home upgrades that won’t break the bank. Named for the “white walls” you see when you move into military housing, there are thousands of archived posts that offer advice and budget-friendly ideas. 

Another go-to is Pinterest, which allows you to search anything and everything. Need to put contact paper on your countertops? Pinterest will show you how! Ready to update a kitchen table with chalk paint? Pinterest a tutorial! 

Your local spouse pages can also be great for connecting with other spouses who live in the exact same houses as you! Find out how others have arranged their homes, and ask their best ideas for dealing with a particularly awkward space. 

Remember simple rules, too, like focusing on the areas where you will spend the most time. Investing time on furniture upgrades that you can keep for years. Sure you’ll move and need to keep belongings to a minimum, but you’ll need a kitchen table … so why not put a little extra effort and DIY yours into something nice? 

Over the years your creative decorating muscle will be strengthened in many ways. But it doesn’t hurt to get outside help when putting it all together! Check out these helpful resources and update those houses without going broke doing so! 

Where do you get your best decorating tips?