USAA partners with #SeeHer to bring attention to female Olympians
(Photo: Wikimedia, Sandro Halank)

From now until the end of the 2018 Winter Olympics, military families will notice a familiar presence on their TVs as they cheer on Team USA and the world’s athletes. USAA has joined four other advertisers as a presenting sponsor of #SeeHer. Launched by the Association of National Advertisers Alliance for Family Entertainment, #SeeHer is an initiative that seeks to “accurately portray all women and girls in media by 2020.”

USAA is enthusiastic about their participation. “We are proud to support #SeeHer and, in particular, help accurately and authentically portray the vital role women play in America’s armed forces and military community,” said USAA CMO Wes Laird in a press release. “The #SeeHer movement is bringing needed attention to the power of advertising and media to shape perceptions and spur changes for the better.”

The other three advertisers that have joined USAA in promoting gender equality in media are AT&T, Procter & Gamble, USAA, and Verizon. The sponsorship will enable “takeovers” of NBC Universal platforms to highlight outstanding female athletes.

By J.G. Noll

Full disclosure: USAA is the presenting sponsor of Military One Click’s MilspouseFest.