Watch Senator Gillibrand defend transgender troops on the Senate floor
(Photo: US Air Force, Airman 1st Class Keith Holcomb)

Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) took to the Senate floor in support of her amendment to the NDAA which aims to undo much of President Trump’s memo regarding transgender service members. During her speech, she thanked co-sponsor Susan Collins (R-ME) as well as Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who chairs the Senate’s Armed Services Committee.

Throughout her defense, she argued that the transgender ban “wastes taxpayer money” and pushed back on some claims that diversity doesn’t benefit the military noting, “Our military is strongest when it represents the nation it serves.” She also listed notable, currently serving transgender troops and their accomplishments.

For more information on the transgender ban, it’s genesis, and current activity surrounding it, click here. To read more about the NDAA amendment sponsored by Gillibrand and Collins, click here.

Watch the video:

By J.G. Noll