You’re staying home, we’re staying home — everyone’s doing it. Even as states begin to relax laws about sheltering in place, we’ve not yet returned to our normal lives of remaining out and about. That, of course, means more time at home … and likely more time on our hands for projects. 

Making time for a fun project (through working from home and homeschooling the kids) might not be easy, but it can be considered a form of self-care. And let’s face it, self-care is hard to come by these days … and it’s coming in way different forms than our normal go-to’s. However, a project can leave you proud and in awe of your own abilities, and it can leave you somewhere to channel all that pent up, can’t-get-out-of-the-house energy. 

Whether you’re the crafty type or are just needing something to do, consider these fun — and impactful — upgrades to give your home a mini makeover. 

1. Curb Appeal

Spring is officially here, which means it’s prime time for flowers, gardens, and outdoor projects. Liven up your porch or outdoor area with some colorful pots and plants. Mulch, rock, or outdoor furniture can also pack a powerful punch. (It also leaves you a spot to hang and enjoy the nice weather!) 

Homeowners will have more liberties with their landscaping results. However, renters can create big looks they can take with them for their next PCS. Go big and spend days laying rock and digging in the dirt, or consider a few small additions that can help your place pop.

2. Rearranging and Decluttering

Sounds simple enough, but until you’ve done it, you don’t realize the impact of reevaluating what you already have. Consider going through your belongings and cleaning or upgrading with simple Pinterest ideas. (Use whatever you have on hand so it’s quick and simple.)

Or, donate it! 

Then, rearranging a room can change its entire look and feel. The best part of this project is that it’s free! You don’t need supplies, and can reimagine an entire room. Upgrade your home, one room at a time, simply by spending some time being creative.  

3. New Fabrics

Amazon or any other online delivery service can provide you with a whole house makeover in a few days. Browse pillow covers, bedspreads, couch covers, throw blankets, or chair cushions. Switching out fabrics throughout your home is simple, yet impactful. 

Best of all, you can browse the masses to find your favorites before ever committing.

4. Fresh Paint!

A new color — or even a fresh coat of the same color — can go a long way in your home. Consider ordering a painting kit online, or heading to a home improvement store near you for supplies. This is the perfect time to take on that painting project that you’ve been putting off for years. Walls, furniture, cabinets — everything is fair game. 

Renters should check with their management companies before doing anything permanent, while furniture projects are a great alternative when walls can’t be colored. 

5. Put Some Shelves On it

What better way to declutter and put things away than with some new shelves? Best of all, shelves are versatile and can be customized to your space and needs. Handy folks can build their own, while the rest of us can order and assemble in home. 

Get decorative with it, or bare bones by stacking some 2x4s in the garage. The walls are yours for the taking with your shelving options that lay ahead. 

Staying at home opens many opportunities for upgrading the look and feel of your space. Consider some of these simple projects for an easy way to stay more comfortable in the home you know and love.

How will you recreate your space through the pandemic?