Has anyone told you that you’ve changed? When I think of change, I think of growth!  

Yes, some change is not for good. But, we’re going to talk about good change. The change that speaks growth, beauty to self, and the community. 

We all change at different stages in our lives, and we change numerous times in our lifetime.  

I remember friends telling me that I changed after I got married and after I had kids. I swore that I didn’t. I argued this because I thought change was terrible.  However, some things do change when you get married and have children. Shoot! You have responsibilities and others to consider when making plans.  

We also change as we experience life. We learn our boundaries, our strengths, and what’s important to us. 

Most change is for the better. Welcome change. Embrace change. Change is beautiful!

We all change as individuals, and it’s ok!