The typical parent does not create lesson plans for their child.  We teach intuitively, passing information to our little ones without even trying, sometimes without even knowing.  Teaching comes naturally, yet most of us do not consider ourselves educators.

What am I going to do with my little one today?
El Brown, Founder of KinderJam

Early childhood experts believe that when teaching toddlers and preschoolers, the lessons must seem natural but the teacher must approach each situation with intentionality.  Meaning, that the best teachers begin teaching a topic by having a set plan in their head, create circumstances that will intrigue the child and then create opportunities for each child to learn at her pace and ability.  If we, as parents truly are our child’s first and best teacher, we must also have this intentionality when teaching our sons and daughters.  But how are we to begin? www.kjplaygroup is the place to start.

This new website, recently launched by KinderJam LLC, is the answer to “What am I going to do with my little one today?”  The site has for-parent lesson plans based on classic children’s books. Each lesson is broken down for us and includes links to the book, printable materials and follow up ideas to further our child’s learning.

KJPlaygroup also has information for crafts, activities and parenting philosophies. KinderJam’s blog is linked directly to the site, offering a wide range of information relevant to families with toddlers and preschoolers.  There are tabs for articles, links for finding KinderJam classes in your area and forums to connect you with other like minded parents and early childhood educators.

When KinderJam was founded 4 years ago by El Brown, she sought to make a program that would engage all children. The kinesthetic learning program she created empowers parents to understand their child’s learning style and provides both parents and children an environment for success.  KinderJam classes allow parents to teach in a way that appears seamless to the untrained eye.  It is fun, engaging and allows opportunities for children to learn at their own pace and abilities.

KinderJam wants to take this empowerment to another level.  Our new website allows parents to prepare themselves to be not only nurturers, but educators as well.  Early childhood is only the beginning to your child’s academic journey.  Your little ones will have many instructors in their lives, but you will always be your child’s first and best teacher.



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