When we think of Thanksgiving, our minds usually jump to dishes like turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. But just because those are the most hyped dishes of this eating-based holiday doesn’t mean they are the only things to eat! Most families have traditions where they put their own spin on the day, adding comfort foods of choice.

What does your family (literally) bring to the table?!

Every year my Grandma makes chicken and noodles — homemade noodles and all — for the big day. It’s long since been a family favorite, everyone piling their plate with the traditional fare, then a pile of mashed potatoes topped with chicken noodles in the center of it all. (Because in my family, chicken and noodles are nothing without their tasty mashed potato base!) And if you REALLY want to go all out on Turkey Day, you get a second dollop of potatoes to top with gravy.

I’m not sure of the exact origin of chicken and noodles for Thanksgiving, but guess it’s due to her Italian heritage … and the fact that everyone loves the dish. Why not include it in the main lineup when it’s such a hit?!

In years since, I’ve also come to love visiting my husband’s family and their own Thanksgiving traditions, which includes a dessert of Mississippi Mud Pie, a chocolatey dish made with layers of liquid brownie and whipped cream. At the end of the day, everyone fights to take home their own leftovers — and yes, it’s worth arguing over!

What are your favorite non-traditional dishes and how did they become tradition in your family?