What does being together mean to me? Before MilSpouseFest, I only thought about it from the perspective of being married to my husband or hanging out with my family or friends. 

After attending the kickoff event and hearing Corie, our keynote speaker in Texas, it got me thinking more about being together in a supportive manner but being aware of where you are as an individual and if you’re in the position to give support. We often jump into wanting to help others before we are ok, before we’re settled, or when we’re juggling a lot of things.

But let me tell you. I witnessed and experienced the meaning of TOGETHER while at MilSpouseFest. I witnessed people exchanging contact information, working together, helping one another with holding bags, babies, etc. 

Let me share a little bit of my story about some AWESOME milspouses and what they did that helped me see what Together means to me.

I made a Facebook post about going to MilSpouseFest in Texas, and within a couple of hours, two ladies reached out to me saying they would see me there and to let them know if I needed anything. 

These ladies are military spouses. I know these ladies but haven’t seen them in years. 

One lady is the sister of an old college roommate. We met one time after her sister, and I graduated from college. But we hit it off. We have her sister as a connection and the military spouse connection. I was nervous about the entire event, but when I looked up and saw her walk in, there was calm—the calm of recognizing someone. A friendly face in the crowd.

What Being Together Means to Me

The second responder exhibited what together means to me in a way that got me all in my feelings. Shhhhhh…..I don’t get all sentimental. Lol

What Being Together Means to Me

It has been over 20 years since I’ve seen this lady. That’s right! We went to High School together. We chat on Facebook, but I didn’t know she was in Texas. When I made the post, she immediately did what we do as military spouses. Offer help. After letting her know that everything was covered, she asked if I had time outside of the event to catch up. I planned to get an Uber to the airport. NOPE! She picked me up, introduced me to one of her friends, had breakfast, and they dropped me off at the airport. 

Seeing what Together meant was still being taught to me while I was in Texas.

A representative from one of our sponsors (The Barry Robinson Center) was on the same flight as mine. The airline announced that our flight was being delayed. There were no reasons given about why the flight was delayed. After the third notification, we knew we would not make our connecting flight. We needed and wanted to get home to our families. I was beginning to get a little nervous that the airline was going to cancel all flights due to COVID-19. 

What Being Together Means to Me

Several moments of TOGETHER happened. A quick text to my husband to let him know what was going on resulted in him canceling his travel plans to ensure our kids were taken care of. My friend who gave me the ride to the airport offered to come back to get me. And the sponsor representative and I were working together to find an optional connecting flight to get home.

The airline finally announced the delay was due to weather, and that all flights were delayed. Yes! We were both relieved. We stuck together until we reached our final destination of D.C.

Each of the situations was different. But each of them exhibits what Together means to me.

Being Together to me is about being there. It’s about having a familiar face in the crowd. It’s about support. It’s about showing a bit of kindness. It’s about working together. 

Being Together is what we do as military spouses.