During all my years of being a military spouse, one of the things that has gotten me through the ups and the downs, are my military spouse friendships. The other women I have met that have helped me through whatever challenges have come my way. From an extended deployment to being a brand new military spouse and not knowing what this new life was truly going to be like.

Your military friends can become your family

Maybe it will be because you spend Christmas day together, or maybe because you go to one another during your hardest deployment days, but sometimes your military spouse friends become family. You connect on such a deep level, there will be no other way to describe your relationship. And when this happens you will feel like the luckiest people in the world.

You won’t always have a circle

There will be times during military life when you don’t have a good circle of friends. This could be for all sorts of reasons. From having most of your circle PCS at the same time to being the new spouse in town. Don’t worry if this happens to you because you always have the chance to find another circle and find your people in a new place.

Some friendships last, some don’t

The truth is, with all the moving that happens in military circles, some friendships will be able to make it through that and some won’t. You might barely talk to your old best friend, only liking one another’s photos on Facebook when you used to see each other every day. On the other hand, it is possible to keep in touch, and keep the friendship going, even across the miles.

It hurts to say goodbye

As most military spouses know, saying goodbye to a good friend is never easy. I have gotten into the habit of not even saying goodbye, but saying, “see you later” instead. Leaving it open to see one another again, even if that doesn’t happen for a few years.

Let yourself grieve if you need to. Saying goodbye to a friend will never feel right. One moment you will be enjoying playdates and nights out and the next, the moving vans will come and one of you will be on your way somewhere else.

You will always have your memories

Regardless of how far away you will get from your friends, you will always have your memories. You will have those to lean on when military life starts to feel lonely again. You will have those to lean on when you have to start over somewhere else.

Military spouse life is better together

The truth is, military spouse life is better together. Whether you are going through a deployment, or something else. Whether you need to destress from a PCS or vent about how hard it has been to find a job in your field. We need one another to walk through this life with, helping each other out, in any way we can.