How often do you wash … and put away laundry?

Hands down, laundry is my least favorite household chore. Probably because it’s the one that requires the most effort. Just as soon as I get clothes put away (if and when that happens), there’s another full load just waiting to go into the washer. It never ends.

Between the baby, toddler, and my husband who regularly goes into the field (lots of extra laundry), our piles of clothes are seemingly unending. More common is for piles to sit atop the couch and us dig for whatever we might need to be wearing that day.

Of course, my PLAN is to always “get it all done.” If there’s another load in the hamper, I’ll start and dry it, thinking it’s more efficient to fold and put it all away at once. In reality, something distracts me, and once I actually start folding, the pile is so large that it takes too long to complete in one sitting. And then we start the whole process over again.

On average, it’s probably a load a day, sometimes more. Towels, baby socks that are forever lost, toddler jeans that multiply their own stains, countless pairs of underwear! Who has time to keep up with all of that?!

Sure I would LIKE to be one of those people who washes and puts away their laundry in a single day. (Seriously, though, what’s that like?) But it just never seems to work out that way.

Yes, it’s more work to dig. Yes, it takes away the function of the couch. But on the other hand, I’d rather play with my kids and make sure they have dinner. I’d rather sleep than stay up and work on laundry. Hence, piles.

Side note: I also wash EVERYTHING together on cold. No discrimination; it all goes in a single heaping load. It drives my Mom and Mother-in-law absolutely bonkers. (If I’m being honest, that’s an extra perk because I can pull out a red and white shirt from the same load and prove their extra effort is for naught.)

How does your laundry routine look? Do you do it all at once, a little at a time? What’s your secret to getting it all done?