April 14, 2016

Can you believe I just received a letter in the mail for two of my boys that states they have to go to Saturday school?

Okay, wait.  You need some details.  I am shaking I am so mad right now!

My boys have missed three days of school and on a separate day, an hour-and-a-half.  Let me share with you why they missed three whole days of school.  In November, we left on a red eye to go visit family for Thanksgiving.  They missed the Friday before break started.  I think I forgot to call that one in, but it wouldn’t matter anyway.  This absence is considered “personal unexcused”.  In January, right before J deployed, we went on one last hurrah family ski trip.  There was no school on Monday, so we had them take Tuesday and Wednesday off.

When Our Military Kids Missed School

The hour-and-a-half, you ask? Oh, it was so we could get them passports in case they might be able to go see their dad while he is deployed.

OMG!  You have got to be kidding me.  The state of CA is ridiculous.  All of this because the stupid school didn’t get their money from my two middle-school-aged kids.  Am I going to get a letter that my second grader needs to go to Saturday school, too?  He has been absent three days this year.  I am headed to the school office just as soon as I finish venting!

I wish you could feel my heart pounding right now.  I just really can’t believe this.  Am I suppose to teach my children that we have to lie and say they have a fever when we want to pull them out of school for a day or two?   I feel bad for the lady in the attendance office.  I can not possibly be the only mom that feels this way right now.  Okay, I’m out.  I will keep you posted.

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April 15, 2016

Well, my blood pressure soaring through the roof for a good hour was totally not worth it.  All is well.  My kids are NOT going to Saturday school (as if they were, anyway…)  and none one of this goes on their record.

Here is how this works: The school gets paid for every period my kid is in school.  They get paid somewhere around $98.00/per kid/per period.  What the what?  That is a crazy amount of money.  As soon as my child had 14 “personal unexcused” absences, the school was required to send me a letter.  So, both boys missed three full days and one extra period.  That means the school lost approximately $4,000.00!

When Our Military Kids Missed School

You see, all of this could have been avoided if I had just called, lied, and said they were both sick.  The school would have gotten its money and it would have saved a year on my life.

I still refuse to lie.  I will pull my kids from school and take them on a trip from time to time and deal with the fallout when it comes.