When PCSing, these 16 items are easy to replace

I loved my coffee curtains. They were perfect in my little kitchen in Germany. Then we moved back to the States. Once we received our household goods, I realized they would not fit on any of the windows of our new house. I had to replace my beloved curtains. . .  but that gave me a chance to find something for our new home.

PCSing gives you an excuse to start over, to refresh, and to start anew. . . with yourself and your stuff. Here are 16 items that are easy to replace when you are PCSing:

1. Towels

Let’s face it; towels get old and gross after a few years. PCSing is a good time to replace them. You can use the old ones for your move or as cleaning rags.

2. Pillows

Since you probably won’t take all your pillows with you on the airplane or even in the car, get some new ones for your new home. Toss the old and don’t look back.

3. Cleaning supplies

The reality is, unless you have room in your car, you can’t take cleaning supplies with you. Give them to your friends and neighbors at your old duty station and buy new ones when you get moved.

4. Curtains

You might be super attached to your curtains, but they might not work in your new home. Find curtains that match your current home and either save the old ones for a future place or get rid of them.

5. Kids’ toys

The packers will be moving most of your kids’ toys so have them pick out a couple of favorites and hit the post thrift store when you get into town. You can find a few new things your kids will love and that will keep them busy. And if they don’t ask for their old toys back, you can always do a purge once you receive your belongings.

6. Sheets

Buying new sheets every once-in-a-while is a good thing to do. Toss the old ones and buy new after you PCS. Change the color or design for a new look for your new home.

7. Dishes

You will want to buy some new dishes if you have to wait for a while for your belongings. Find dishes you love and replace the older ones instead of relying on paper plates for a few weeks.

8. Blankets

You might find you need to replace your blankets because you live in a different climate. If you move from Hawaii to upstate New York, you’ll probably need a different weight to curl up with.

9. Broom

Unless you have invested in an expensive high-end broom, you don’t need to bring your old one with you. Refresh with new brooms for your new home.

10. Coffee maker

Coffee is a must during a PCS. Find something that works for your current lifestyle instead of the one you got on your wedding day ten years ago.

11. Toaster

Toasters are a must, but it could be time to upgrade. Check out what the Exchange has at your new duty station and replace your old one. (Making four pieces of toast at a time instead of two is a time-saver!)

12. Couches

Your old couches might not be a good fit in your new living room. If you think this could be the case, sell your old couches before you move and buy new ones when you arrive. This will help you stay within your weight limit if you are in danger of going over.

13. Rugs

A move is a good time to replace your rugs–small and large. Over time the rugs can get a lot of wear and tear, and your move is a good opportunity to upgrade.

14. DVDs

There are so many stories of movers taking things like DVDs. This is never okay but if this happens to you, replace them with ones you want to watch over and over again and forget about the ones collecting dust.

15. Clothing

Before you PCS, get rid of everything you won’t wear again, anything your kids have outgrown, and anything that doesn’t fit with the seasons of your new home. In Germany, you might need a ton of sweaters; in Southern California, not as much.

16. Food

You are not going to be able to bring a ton of food with you. . .  and won’t be able to bring any of it if you are PCSing to or from an overseas location. Once you get settled, head to the grocery store and stock up on what you used to have in your pantry. Before you move, invite friends over to give away what you have left. They will appreciate that and nothing will go to waste.

By Julie Provost

Julie Provost is an associate editor at Military One Click and a National Guard spouse. She can be reached at