Every time I’m asked my favorite vacation spot, I ultimately list the last place I went. Whether California, Germany, Oregon, New York City, Mexico, at one time or another, they were all the favorite trip I’d ever taken.

I used to travel quite frequently and still enjoy doing so when given the chance. But with two kids two and under, my last “big” trip was to Orlando for my sister’s wedding last year. We did water parks, Disney Springs, Discovery Cove, and of course, the wedding. It was a blast! Even though I’d been to visit her in Orlando a handful of times, we hadn’t hit these attractions so we had a good time taking in the sights.

On a more recent timeline, our last family trip was to an indoor water park, Great Wolf Lodge, about an hour from our house. We were nervous about planning it with the age of our kids and wondering how long their energy would last against the activities. Juggling kids didn’t make it less fun though, it made it more fun — much more! I loved showing them new things and seeing the excitement on their little faces. 

Ultimately, the trip memories stick with me so every time I’m asked about a favorite, I remember the last best place. Of course, it makes me want to take a trip again and again, but to new places every time.

Some families return to a familiar spot each year, even visiting their friends who are also vacationing. But I want to see it all — why go back to the place we’ve already been?

How do you like to vacation?

Beaches? Mountains? Lakes? Desert? What’s your favorite landmark? Then there’s an array of activities to choose from, too. Are you a lay in the sun person? Or do you have to get out and catch the fish with your bare hands? Something in-between?

Tell us about your favorite trips and why they were such a blast!