There are many perks to being in charge of your own career path. Whether you start an entire business or create your own gig where hours are few and far between, you’re an entrepreneur. It’s also a great option for a military spouse. For many reasons. With the requirements of your spouse and their career, it can become difficult for spouses to train in and hold more traditional jobs. And, in previous years, entrepreneurship has proven to be a more viable option. 

There are many perks to becoming an entrepreneur as a military spouse, including: 

Flexibility — As a military spouse, you’re no stranger to relocating, or not knowing when you’ll relocate. In a traditional job, this can cause confusion, to say the least. You won’t know when to quit, or when you can start applying for new jobs … or even where. However, as an entrepreneur, your job moves with you. With little downtime, you can pick up right where you left off, just with a new billing zip code. Work remotely and make your career work no matter where you live as a business owner.

Hours Worked — Another area of flexibility comes in when you are able to work. It’s likely that your spouse will work long days or hours, meaning home or family responsibilities falls back onto the spouse. Having a job in which you can work flexible hours means you can take care of what you need to do at home, but without giving up on a career. Entrepreneurship allows you to work at odd hours or days and still accomplish much in your workday. 

Finding Personal Fulfilment — Working is a great way to feel good about yourself and to use skills that make you feel good about yourself. All too often, military spouses feel that they can’t work to the restrictions of their personal lives. However, as an entrepreneur, you can still use your skills and exercise your abilities, but on your time and in your preferred genre. Don’t overlook how much joy and personal fulfillment you could gain from professional options. 

Supplementing Career Gaps — If the goal is to work in a more traditional space or facility, the world is your oyster. However, if you’re going through a period where work is difficult (training or TDY sessions, young kids, etc.) running your own business is a great way to fill the gaps on your resume. Not only are you keeping your mind busy, but you’re also learning new skills — and making yourself a better qualified professional — along the way. 

Fill a Need — Another perk with your entrepreneurship is the ability to fill a need in the general public. Find something you see that needs to be addressed, and solve the problem. By filling this need with your profession, you can ensure job longevity. As long as there’s a need for you, you can readily stay in business. All while helping those who need your services. 

These are some of the main perks of professional entrepreneurship for a military spouse. Your personal life brings on unique challenges that most of the world is not used to dealing with. And that means that it can be hard to find and keep work through different locations or personal responsibilities. However, as an entrepreneur, you can create a job that works for your schedule. Work the hours you’re able to work, sharpen the skills you like using most, and keep your professional skills strong as a budding business owner. It’s a great way to create joy in what you do, without having to sacrifice personal responsibilities. 

Have you considered entrepreneurship as a career path during your years as a military spouse? Tell us more below. 

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