I have 18 years of military spouse life under my belt. Yeah, you’d think I would be a pro by this point. Hmmm…..NEGATIVE. I learn something new about military life almost daily. But, I’ve survived because of all the wonderful military spouses I’ve met along the way. 

Hubby and I started Navy life fresh out of college. We graduated, he attended OCS, we married, moved to Athens, GA for Supply Corps School, and then off to our first duty station in Kingsbay, GA.

I was the new military spouse who didn’t need to make new friends. I had my civilian friends from back home and college friends. They would be there for me when I needed them.

Well, that all changed. 

As military life went into full swing, there were questions that only other military spouses could answer. Advice that only another military spouse could offer. And yeah, sometimes it was unsolicited advice, but looking back, it was some of the best information received.

Let me share a few specific reasons why I appreciate other military spouses.

Why I appreciate other military spouses – Serious and a little funny, but it’s true. 

They will teach you the ropes. No matter if you’re a new milspouse or a seasoned one, you need someone to show you the ropes. Show you around town. Help you find housing. Answer any random question you may have about your new duty station or what those crazy acronyms mean.

They will laugh with and at you. Over the years, I’ve met some pretty awesome military spouses. They are there when I need to scream, vent, cry, laugh, etc. They will even come over and clean up all the puke in your house when all three of your kids are sick at the same time (hubby deployed) and you’re a sympathy puker and can’t get your life together to get it cleaned up. Yeah, they laugh at you, but they are there helping. My milspouse friends are the best when it comes to making me feel good. Even when I have those not so great moments, they help me see the humor and joy in life.

They will take your kids for a few hours. We all know how it is when our spouses are away for a few months. My husband had been deployed, and it was homecoming day. A friend offered to take the kids for a few hours after hubby came home. I appreciate that friend to the moon and back. It gave us a little time for that yum, yum love. Hey! Just saying. We’ve all been there. So, make some milspouse friends who are not on the same ship or in the same unit as you. That’s just a bit of unsolicited advice for you. 🙂 

They feed you and don’t hesitate to help you get settled. Some of you may turn your nose up at this one. But think about it for a moment. There are chances that you may be stationed with a military spouse from a previous duty station. You arrive at your new home and have either no kitchen essentials or the bare minimum. You’re tired of eating out. That military spouse friend invites your family over for dinner or brings you food. Hey! That’s a field goal right there! My military spouse friends have made themselves available to hold packages at their homes, take the kids while we unpack, help unpack, be emergency contacts, etc.

There are so many reasons I appreciate other military spouses, and I can go on for days. But what I absolutely love about military spouses, is that no matter what they are faced with, no matter how hard the day may be, they are always willing to lend a helping hand and a listening ear.

To close on another unsolicited piece of advice…Don’t worry if you’re not in your season to lend a helping hand. Military spouse life has seasons. We all have a season to take. And we all have a season to give. I appreciate you for being YOU and knowing what season you’re in and knowing your boundaries.

Why do you appreciate other military spouses? How have they helped ease your military life?