Why Not Today? When I saw this theme from MilspouseFest last year, I immediately fell in love. I started asking myself this question every morning and have adopted it for 2020.

A new year brings a spark of fire for many people.

With this new year and new spark, what are you waiting for to GO FOR THAT DREAM you’ve been putting off?

Put your plan together, seek assistance/advice, and go for it!

If fear is holding you back, I will be the first to tell you that I understand. Fear keeps a lot of us from following our dreams. But you know what? You will never reach that dream if you don’t go for it!

Let 2020 be YOUR year!

Begin with these few tips

  • Turn your fear to F.E.A.R – Face Everything And Rise-Jot your ideas on paper – yes, that good ole fashion way.
  • Speak your ideas – say them out loud. Look at yourself in the mirror as you do this. Build that confidence.
  • Research – seek assistance from those you know, Google, Youtube, etc.
  • Action – put things in motion.
  • Consistency – don’t give up. Show up and keep pushing.

Your dreams may be personal, professional, financial, etc. No matter what they are, GO FOR THAT DREAM!