The weather is changing. Winter is making itself known! Are you ready?

I went to grab my winter gloves the other day because I was going to be walking around D.C., and it was a cold morning. Gloves and warm gear were needed.

Well, darn! My gloves were like my socks. One was missing! Come on, don’t tell me I’m the only person who has socks go missing in the washing machine. My washer and dryer eat the socks. SMH

It was the first time this year that I pulled my gloves out. Yeah, there’s no backtracking my steps because the missing glove was lost last winter. Don’t be me. Check your winter gear now and have a backup. Don’t get caught in the cold!

After missing one glove, I had to check to ensure I didn’t need to buy other items for the winter.
* Gloves
* Scarf
* Warm, long socks
* Earmuffs/hat
* Coat – yes, I’ve forgotten a coat before. SMH

What else is a MUST to brave the winter weather? And oh, boots! Trust me, I have the shoe game under control.