Do you have a LONG To-Do list each day?

I get it, we all have those days that we MUST tackle 50 million things. But it is NOT necessary to have a long list every single day.

As I sat back and analyzed my life and why I was always on edge, I realized that I put too much pressure on myself to tackle and save the world.

My To-Do list consists of 3 to 5 things every day. When making that list, I narrow it down to the three MUST DOs. Those three are non-negotiable. Meaning, if the other items do not get accomplished, it’s not a big deal.

We don’t have to be crazy busy to be great. We’re great because we ARE!

Here’s an example of my to-do list:
1. Workout
2. Clean the bathrooms
3. Take a nap
4. Grocery store
Yeah, that grocery store run may have to wait. LOL

Write your lists down for a visual and be realistic in what you can accomplish. Some days you may be able to tackle 50, while others may only be one. And that’s ok.

How many things do you have on your to-do list today?