Many of us set health goals. We include exercise, but we often put it aside during the winter months. Why? Because it’s COLD.

Cold weather halted my workouts last year.

BUT…..I’m going to help you get prepared for winter workouts.

1. Don’t go outside. Workout right inside of your home

a. Yoga
b. Light hand weights

2. Visit your base gym – often times they have FREE classes
or discounted ones

3. If you have to get outside

a. Grab some warm gloves
b. Purchase workout gear for cold weather

Don’t let the winter weather stop you. I watch people run past my window every morning, and I used to think, “it’s too cold to be out there walking/running.” Granted…I HATE running in general.

Once I decided to make that change, I started taking a midday walk with my pup. I felt better, and my pup was happy too.

So, don’t let the cold stop you! Take it indoors if you must or make alternatives. Sybil-MilSpouse

Do you workout during the winter months?