By J.G. Noll

These 9 military charities need your donations on #GivingTuesday
Photo credit: DVIDS, Petty Officer 1st Class Peter Burghart

After Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday comes Giving Tuesday, a day to focus on financially supporting non-profits around the country. And, if you’ve ever spent time on base or surfed social media, you know that the military community has it’s own share of passionate non-profits.

We’ve hand-picked 9 501(c)3 military-connected charities to highlight for this Giving Tuesday:

1. Blue Star Families

Photo credit: Disney Channel, Rick Rowell

Blue Star Families supports the military community at large with programs and advocacy efforts through their popular programs including Blue Star Museums, Blue Star Theaters, Blue Star Books on Base, Blue Star Careers, and Blue Star Caregivers. BSF also works to bridge the civilian-military gap. Donate here to help BSF continue improving the morale of and offering educational resources to the military community.

2. American Military Partner Association

These 9 military charities need your donations on #GivingTuesday
Photo credit: DVIDS, Aryn Lockhart

The nation’s leading resource for the LGBTQ+ military community, AMPA supports all military families, past and present, with online support and in-person help and advocacy. The organization is run by a group of volunteers and spans 50,000 members. Donate here to help AMPA ensure that all services members and their families receive the resources, support, and advocacy they need as members of our military community.

3. Military Child Education Coalition

Children at school from Flickr via Wylio
© 2008 Lucélia Ribeiro, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

Most military children find themselves attending multiple schools over the course of their education. MCEC works to ensure that they are receiving quality educational experiences and opportunities so that they are ready for college and their work life. Donate to help MCEC advocate for the education of military children across our country.

4. National Military Family Association

Kentucky National Guard from Flickr via Wylio
© 2015 The National Guard, Flickr | GOV | via Wylio

From Operation Purple to spouse scholarships, NMFA offers a wealth of information and events for the military community. Donate to their efforts on #GivingTuesday (or any day!).

5. Esposas Militares Hispanas USA Armed Forces

South Carolina National Guard from Flickr via Wylio
© 2014 The National Guard, Flickr | GOV | via Wylio

EMHUSA offers support, scholarships, Spanish-language military help, and resources for Spanish-speaking military members and their families. EMHUSA is currently running a #GivingTuesday campaign that you can donate to here.

6. Our Military Kids

Father's Day from Flickr via Wylio
© 2013 Marines, Flickr | GOV | via Wylio

Our Military Kids works with the children of wounded veterans and National Guard/Reserves members to provide deployment support, special activities and events, and scholarships. Donate here to help military children dealing with difficult circumstances.

7. Luke’s Wings

airplane from Flickr via Wylio
© 2009 sigmama, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

This organization helps the families of wounded service members and veterans in hospice plan and pay for travel arrangements to see their loved ones during recovery or the last days of their lives. Donate to help families of those who served visit with their loved one.

8. United Through Reading

Photo credit: DVIDS, Matthew Stroup

For the families of service members deployed or serving far away from home, seeing an envelope from UTR in the mailbox can make even the darkest day brighter. UTR’s free service gives those in the military a chance to record reading a book, which is sent (along with the book), home to a waiting daughter or son. Help military families stay connected through reading by donating here.

9. National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

Photo credit: Flickr, Vera Yu and David Li

The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans is “the resource and technical assistance center for a national network of community-based service providers and local, state and federal agencies that provide emergency and supportive housing, food, health services, job training and placement assistance, legal aid and case management support for hundreds of thousands of homeless veterans each year.” Donate to fund the advocacy and support needed to place homeless veterans in better circumstances.

Still looking for more charities to support? Head to our Charity Challenge page where you can find many more deserving and unique non-profits that do good work in our community.