One of the unique features of a military career is how widely surroundings can vary from tour to tour. One year you’re stationed in the middle of nowhere living a small-town life, and the next you’re fighting traffic around Washington, D.C. But regardless of duty station, one thing stays the same: command events. And whether it’s a homecoming or holiday party or military ball, there are 5 distinct types of military spouses might just run into:

1. The Achiever

She seems to have 25 hours in her day and 8 days in her week. She works full-time as a registered nurse. She coaches youth gymnastics. She’s earning her master’s degree. She volunteers at the county library. She’s amazing, and she doesn’t make a big deal about it. (Don’t you hate that?) 😉

2. The Supplier

Need boxes for a DITY move? She’s got some. Need a portable kennel for your new puppy? She has an extra one in her shed. Did your toddler just grow out of her car seat? She’s got the bigger size you need sitting in her attic. Whatever you need, the supplier’s got it, and she’s ready to hook you up.

3. The Maintainer

The maintainer knows how to start your temperamental leaf blower, unstick that garage door that stops halfway up, reprogram your TV remote, and debug that maddeningly slow laptop. She has all the best contractors and techs in the contact list on her phone, and she’ll share them in a heartbeat.

4. The Cook

Mention “crockpot” and she’ll rattle off three awesome recipes that are perfect for a snowy day. Kids fighting you on eating right? She knows how to slip veggies into their diet without a lot of muss and fuss. She organizes the cookbook for the command’s annual fundraiser. Oh, and she made that delicious brisket you’re enjoying right now.

5. The Deployment Vet

She’s been-there-and-done-that, and her toes are still tapping. She’s handled power outages, flu-stricken kids, car pools, hurricanes, blizzards, and visiting relatives while her servicemember was out making the world safe for democracy for months on end. She’s got this, and being around her makes you feel like you just might as well.

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