Thank you to our guest blogger, Bobbi Pack from My Military Savings, as we approach PCS crunch time

So, I am preparing for the movers, and as I am walking around the house I am making a list.  What list you ask? A list of what I will need when we arrive at our new duty station.  I must prepare for the fact I may have a house several days before I have my belongings.  So, here is my list:


~Toilet paper

~Paper plates


~Paper towels

~Plastic spoons and forks

~Paper bowls

~2 sets of towels

~Blankets and pillows

~DVDs for the kiddos


This list is on top of my already packed suitcase, backpack and cooler (the cooler is packed with snacks and bottled water).  I put these items in a plastic bin that I will load in the van before the movers arrive tomorrow.  Now, the only question left is…did I forget anything? Did I put all the items on my list in the plastic bin? I better go double check!




Check List


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