by Jacey Eckhart

I heard the best advice ever about how to be a military spouse when I was agonizing over yet another military thing.

My friend Amy stopped me cold. “Why are you stressing so much? You be you. You just get in there and do it your way and you are going to be fine. You. Be. You.”

It wasn’t the first time I heard that advice.
Are you going to be at #MilspouseFest2016? Click to read more!

Just maybe it was the first time I really listened. You Be You is the message every military spouse needs to really hear and then learn how to apply to their military life every single day. It is the only thing that works—no matter what anyone on Facebook says.

That is why I am so excited to be hosting MilitaryOneClick’s upcoming #MilspouseFest2016 tour.

The first stop on the tour is in San Diego, April 19 from 10 to 2pm at Liberty Station.

At this event, our team of experts are You Be You focused. We don’t expect anyone to sit and listen to canned PowerPoint presentations or the same old advice about keeping busy (who is not busy?) or planning a date night (with a partner who is deployed??).

Instead we use individual activities, group games, and crowd demos to teach you how the strengths you already have can be used to build your relationship skills, increase networking opportunities, individualize your career plan, and get out of the way of your own financial success.

Are you going to be at #MilspouseFest2016? Click to read more!

We have invited the best of the best to help you build up-to-the-minute strategies including J.J. Montanaro and Maggie Hahn from USAA and Noreen O’Neil from Hiring Our Heroes. I’ll be there to keep everyone laughing, and since MilitaryOneClick is hosting this thing, expect the Prize Lady to be providing a lot of great items just for you.

If you are in the San Diego area, sign up now right here. It’s free and completely casual.

If you want the program to come to your area, drop our team an email at

Are you going to be at #MilspouseFest2016? Click to read more!