You should follow these 17 milspouse Twitter accounts right now

By Julie Provost

While many military spouses find support and other like-minded individuals on Facebook,  there is also a milspouse community on Twitter. I first discovered them in 2009 and have been tweeting with other military spouses ever since. Here are 17 milspouse Twitter accounts you should follow for a better Twitter experience.

1. Military One Click@military1click

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2. Official Army Wife101, @Armywife101

This blogger and business owner states that her content is “written by coffee and wine enthusiasts.” Gotta love that! She shares milspouse news and articles as well as asking engaging questions you can’t help but answer.

3. Army Wife Network, @ArmyWifeNetwork

This grassroots website for military spouse empowerment and support shares links and on-point memes about our lives as military spouses. Their feed is filled with helpful tips for those of us living the milspouse life.

4. Spouse Buzz, @SpouseBUZZ:

From posts about the changes in dental care to unexpected PCS expenses, this account will keep you updated with the latest in milspouse news and the military community.

5. NextGen MilSpouse, @NextGenMilSo :

This account talks about lifestyle, careers and trending news relatable to the milspouse. They also tweet about their Happy Hour podcast and articles on military spouse life.

6. Mocha Milspouse, @mochamilspouse:

As a definitive voice for milspouses of color, this Twitter account has a podcast and will be adding a blog soon. They have hit the ground running with their content and tweets about military life.

7. MilitaryWivesSaving, @MilWivesSaving

From shopping tips to how to save money, this account is worth adding to your feed. You can apply their tips to your milspouse life and learn more about how to be a better shopper.

8. InDependent, @InDependent_Org

This milspouse site inspires milspouses and helps them thrive through fitness, healthy food, friendship, stress relief, and military lifestyle strategies. They bring this to their Twitter account where they post relevant articles and about their live Facebook events.

9. The Direction Diva, @Jdavis55

Judy is a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, military life and teen suicide prevention expert, and milspouse. She is encouraging and will help you get through the different struggles that can come up with military life.

10. Lesbian Milspouse, @lesbianarmywife

This account is a place where lesbian military wives can find helpful tips and learn more about benefits. You should also check out her free printables for military life.

11. Kathryn, @MyAFWifeLife

This milspouse and blogger will share posts on her feed about military life, life with special needs kids, and yummy recipes you can try at home.

12. Corie Weathers, LPC, @CorieLpc

Army spouse, mom, author, counselor, and 2015 AFI Military Spouse of the year, Corie Weathers will bring you some amazing milspouse content. She tweets about her Lifegiver podcast, military marriage advice, and more.

13. Jen McDonald, @jenmcdonald88

This author, military spouse and content editor offers you tweets from around the milspouse world. From the top military spouse blogs to how to better your military spouse life, she offers a lot of value.

14. JD, @SemiDelicateBal:

From her own posts on military life and parenthood, this military spouse and blogger fills her feed with posts that can help milspouses in their military life journey.

15. Kara, @RofaMW:

Kara is a Marine veteran spouse with a Twitter feed filled with military spouse information and blog posts. She also tweets about her own life with photos. 

16. The Seasoned Spouse, @SeasonedSpouse:

By following this spouse, you will fill your feed with all things military spouse life. From military life memes to articles on PCSing, deployments and more. (This is one of our associate editor’s accounts.)

17. SoldierswifeCL, @SoldiersWifeCL:

This blogger tweets her memes, posts and other articles from around the milspouse blogging world. (This is my account.)

Julie Provost is an associate editor at Military One Click and a National Guard spouse. She can be reached at