MilSpouseFest 2020 is here and we are excited!!!

Our first stop? San Antonio on March 10th followed by Fort Hood on March 12th. We can’t wait to get to Texas!!!

If you are new to our MilSpouseFest events, you might be wondering what they will be like, or what other people have thought as they have gone to them in the past.

Here are what some of our guests have said about our incredible MilSpouseFest events:

You Will Have a Blast at MilSpouseFest

MilSpouseFest has been a tonic through my years as a military spouse. For too many years, I resisted reaching out and engaging the military family community. Initially, I was simply unaware of the vast expanse of spouse and military family networks (social events, media outlets and online communities). But even after I came to know more about the various online forums and social opportunities, I felt that as a non-traditional (male) spouse, my participation would be viewed as odd or unwelcome.

I was late to the party, but must admit that whatever initial apprehensions I felt or fears I harbored were completely unfounded. I’ve been warmly welcomed into the community, and happily found my niche within it. I’ve met many of the most accomplished, warm, and personable people I’ve ever known through participating in events like MilSpouseFest.

MilSpouseFest is not one thing. There are structured activities (icebreakers, invited speakers, informative games and team-building challenges), but there’s also plenty of time to socialize, meet new spouses or catch up with old friends. It’s not a job fair, but there are numerous opportunities to network or seek advice about your career goals. You’re not attending to listen to a lecture, but you’ll almost certainly hear some advice or words of wisdom that inform, transform or inspire. It’s not a series of infomercials, but you could discover highly useful products and services that specifically target the military community. Organized portions of the day seamlessly give way to down time.

The venue is elegant, but feel free to come as you are. It won’t deluge you with riches, but you’ll be surprised by the number of prizes and the cool swag you’ll receive. But mostly you’ll leave the event with the assurance that whatever struggles you’re facing, whatever burdens you’re shouldering and whatever fears you have about military living, you’re not alone. If you’re fortunate, the best moments at this event will be the ones you’re not expecting, ones that fill you with a sense of community and resonate with a reassuring sense of togetherness on our path.”

~ Christopher F.
San Antonio

You Will Have a Blast at MilSpouseFest, These Spouses Did

“So much fun! Won a prize too. It was the perfect evening at just the right time. I was in need of some supportive women, as my husband is currently deployed.”

~ Christianna H.


“Yes, I have been to two. I love the fact that it is offered morning and evening. I also love to network and meet new spouses from different branches. I think it is a good way to get out of your shell by coming and meeting new spouses. You never know, you might meet your new best friend there!!?”

~Omni H.
San Diego

You Will Have a Blast at MilSpouseFest

“I had fun playing the games with everyone and getting to know other military spouses. Learned that there are lots of options for help and many places that love to help the military families and communities.”

~Karina B.

You Will Have a Blast at MilSpouseFest

“It was a full day of laughter, kindness, and most of all, empowerment. Spouses aren’t just beings who stand breathlessly waiting for our service members to return. We are men and women who work hard in our own right. We want to be more than what TV makes us out to be. We want to be stronger, not just for ourselves, but for our families. We are here because we love someone more than ourselves, and they love this country more than themselves. Military life is a hard and unique path, but together we make it awesome.”

~Marla B.
San Diego

You Will Have a Blast at MilSpouseFest

“When I arrived at #MilspouseFest2016 in San Diego, by myself and a little unsure, I was immediately welcomed and directed toward the coffee. Fully caffeinated, I was ready to military spouse it up with the best of them!”

~Meg F.
San Diego

You Will Have a Blast at MilSpouseFest

Come and experience MilSpouseFest for yourself, you will be so glad you did!

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