By Rebecca Alwine

The youngest state rep in Michigan’s history is a National Guardsman
(Photo: Jewell Jones)

Jewell Jones dreamed of being a spy until he engaged with his local community and decided to pursue a career in politics. In November 2015, he made history as the youngest person to sit on the city council of Inkster, Michigan. A year after that the 21-year-old was elected as the youngest State Representative in Michigan’s history and proudly represents the 11th State House District.

“The people had a plan for me,” Jones said, “I’m just following through.” Jones strives to make a positive impact on public policy and difference in his community.

When not working at the capitol, Jones is also a member of the Michigan National Guard, a ROTC cadet at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, and a Senior Deacon at his church. When asked how he handles it all, he admits it gets hectic sometimes.

“Finding a way to tie everything into each other helps,” he said. “We’ve got a good team at school, out at the Capitol, back in the District, and in the Army. God has placed some good people around me to keep me on track.”


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After his dreams of becoming a spy faded, Jones thought about working with the military in some capacity.

“I find it a great honor and privilege to serve my fellow citizens overseas and here at home.” As a senior in college, Jones is pursuing a double major in Political Science and Business, both of which will help in his political career.

Jones hopes he can use his new position to continue to help the community he serves. “My primary focus is to develop a pipeline to get more young people involved, not just in politics, but in the community in general. I believe it is important for the upcoming generations to gain experience in areas that we will eventually be the leaders in. And to ensure the greatest quality of service, and delivery of those services, possible.”


Rep. Jones already has plans in motion to achieve his goal. With his team, he’ll continue to share experiences about the process of getting involved.

“We will hold events and activities geared towards engagement. We’ll share resources conducive to the benefit of others,” he said. “We will meet people where they are, continuing to be relatable and focus on extending a helping hand where we can.

“Most importantly, we will continue to hear the ideas, concerns, and needs of the young generation so we can continue being a voice for them moving forward.”

To keep up with Rep. Jones, follow him on Instagram at @jewelljonesmi.