Bobbi at DisneyThank you to Bobbi Pack from MyMilitarySavings for these great tips!

Well…here we go the end of the line has started…yes you guessed it we are officially 10 days out from the movers arriving at our door.  I am trying to get everything ready for the PCS, but there is only one small thing I am having trouble with….meals and food. We are down to nothing in our cabinets, well that is what I keep hearing from the kiddos…we do have small things like PB&J, cheese and I think we have milk too.  However, I know we all have been or will be in my shoes so I have come up with a really awesome PCS food plan for everyone.


Here it is:


1. Use a shopping list based on the menus you will make ahead of time.


2. No impulse shopping or just wandering the aisles!…here is what I tell the kiddos, “You Get What You Get And You Don’t Throw A Fit!” (Trust me it works)


3. Check your cabinets, all of them, and refrigerator before you hit the commissary.


4. Do not purchase anything you already have, you will not need two jars of mayo.


5. Include items in your shopping list that are in season, makes it easier when planning the meals.


6.Never-ever-ever go to the Commissary or PX when you’re hungry! You will buy more and you do not need more at this point.


7. Always compare prices-Always, you are PCSing and will need all the extra $$$ you can get for the awesome things you are going to do on the way. Bobbi's Moving Day


8. Do not use convenience foods (fast food) cooking is cheaper.


9. Make going to the commissary a weekly affair, no “fill-in” trips during the week just to make sure you have everything.


10. Be creative and use all of your leftovers. Don’t waste a thing!


11. You don’t need larger cuts and sizes of meats, you can’t divide them up into packages when you get home and freeze them, you are PCSing remember.


12. Be creative with ingredients.


13. Remember, you may use coupons in the commissary and get them at:


14. Even with coupons, other brands may still be cheaper. Always compare!


15. It’s usually more economical to buy beverages by the case, you will need juice in a box for the kiddos and soda for you. 🙂


16. Shop quickly and you may want to shop alone, depending on how the kiddos are with the sticking to the list idea.


17. Have fun with what food you have…let the kiddos help with the cooking.


18. Don’t stress about the food, if you are 5 days away from the move…it’s OK to hit the commissary for a box of cereal and milk.


19. If you do not use up all your food and the movers can’t take the leftover items, give them to your neighbors..they will not turn food down…trust me!


20. Have fun with your PCS.


My Military SavingsRemember it is OK to be creative with your food, you are PCSing and that is enough in its self….so if you have to use up the last of the ranch dressing mix on your chicken…do it!


Make sure and visit: before you make your commissary shopping list so you are aware of the deals and discounts.


Happy PCSing!!!


For more information and resources on PCSing, please see MilitaryOneClick’s Home and Relocation page.