Challenge, risk, courage, pride, patriotism …

Here are 1001 reasons – both celebrated and obscure—that remind us why the military is a profession and lifestyle to love. Written for today’s veteran, active military personnel and military family, 1001 Things to Love About Military Life catalogs some of the people, places, sentiments, and ceremonies that make today’s military what it is.

Full of heartwarming vignettes and laugh-out-loud lists, this inspirational look at military life is perfect for any military-vested reader.

  • New to military life? This book will energize and encourage, while it spells out the many positive things you have in store.
  • Familiar with military life? Veterans, active personnel, family members: You’ll find yourself nodding your head as you read along, recalling those memories and feelings from years past as though they happened yesterday! Likely to make you laugh, choke up or burst with pride, the book will give plenty of reason to stand tall as a proud member of the US military.
  • Curious about military life? Offering a world of insight into day to day military life, you’ll discover a world of service, duty, professionalism, and personal growth that will give you a deeper understanding of the men and women who serve and protect this great country.

This book truly captures the inspirational, motivational and often unexplainable lives of Military Families. Their creativity and positive outlook on life is something every family should strive to achieve.

– Sandee Payne, author That Military House

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