You’ve got to read these 15 reactions over the Navy’s sky penis
(Photo: Wikimedia)

On Friday, folks living in Washington State looked up in the sky and saw. . .  a gigantic, outlined phallus. The Navy later confirmed that it was drawn by the crew of a Boeing EA-18G Growler from NAS Whidbey Island. While it upset a few parents, confused some, and humored others, the drawing did not pose a threat or risk to the public, according to the FAA.

Predictably, the internet lit up, with #NavyPenis trending on Twitter. (While some debated the morality of the event, most just added to a chorus of jokes, no matter how sophomoric.) We’ve collected some of those tweets because, why not?

1. Here’s a conversation that pretty much everyone who knows someone involved with flight and the military wanted to (or did) have


2. Because this is real life in 2017


3. Just because we all thought it, doesn’t make it any less funny


4. There are the folks who want the book thrown. . . and then there are folks like this


5. That’s. . . extreme? Or not


6. It is rare and elusive. . .


7. That’s oddly prescient


8. Some jokes just write themselves


9. It’s certainly a statement


10. Yep. That’s definitely what it is


11. Or. . . sure. . .


12. That’s it


13. It’s a good question to ask


14. We know this isn’t how it happened, but it’s still funny


15. Don’t worry, there’s Halloween 2018


By J.G. Noll