The Air Force Once Planned A Bomb That Would Turn Enemy Soldiers Gay

It sounds like a skit from Family Guy, or 30 Rock —  which indeed it actually was — but the … Continued

It sounds like a skit from Family Guy, or 30 Rock —  which indeed it actually was — but the military actually considered creating a weapon that would release chemicals into the air, turning enemy combatants gay. Yes, a “gay bomb.” The idea being that by making troops on the ground drop their rifles and grab their well, you know, they would be rendered combat ineffective, though everything else would probably work fine.

The weapon, which was proposed in 1994, was never put into production, and when it came to light in 2005 in a BBC news report, Marine Capt. Dan McSweeney of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate at the Pentagon stated that “it’s important to point out that only those proposals which are deemed appropriate, based on stringent human effects, legal, and international treaty reviews are considered for development or acquisition.”

If a “gay bomb” had been developed, it might have led to one good thing. A single misfire and the military would have repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” decades ago.

James Clark
James Clark

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