The Marine Corps, and the DoD as a whole, has grappled with the idea of its troops of any rank being able to say whatever they want on social media.

So what better way to explain the perils of social media than a really corny video demonstrating that you have no idea how social media works?

This is as painful to watch as it is patronizing. Also, the Marines' message accompanying the video on their Facebook page was weird and cryptic.

Here’s The Lame Way The Marine Corps Is Teaching Its Troops To Use Social Media

Why was my brain in my cargo pocket? I thought I wasn't supposed to put things in my cargo pockets … Also, why did you just hashtag the word hashtag?

This is also not Camp Lejeune, for the record, it’s Fort Meade, Md., where the Marines’ Defense Media Activity is located. I used to run physical fitness tests by those warehouses.