Hollywood Fails To Get War Dogs Right With “Max”

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A screenshot of the movie "Max."

A screenshot of the movie "Max."

A self-described military dog enthusiast, deputy editor of Foreign Policy Rebecca Frankel explains how the new movie “Max” fails to do justice to military working dogs. The new film follows the story of a military working dog named Max who comes to live with the family of his deceased Marine handler.

“I’ve got nothing against Max the dog (or the five dog actors who play him in the film). The MWD Max in this movie is a fine dog. But the fatal flaw of Max is that the film feels like a collection of cherry-picked stories from war-dog lore, selected for their blow-you-away details—Hollywood-ified spectacle with minimal emotional arc,” Frankel writes.

With so many anecdotes taken from real-life events and then given the dramatic airbrush of Hollywood script writing — the real-life stories end up being way cooler than the movie, and far more relatable.