In 5 Years, Hoverbikes Could Be A Reality

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In the next several years, hoverbikes might move from science fiction into reality. At least that’s the hope of Chris Malloy, of Malloy Aeronautics, which partnered with SURVICE Engineering Co. to develop a hoverbike for use by the U.S. Army. Resembling a speederbike from “Star Wars,” the hoverbike was designed from the ground up to support a rider.

The design is reminiscent of a quadcopter, with four enclosed rotors, two overlapping pairs in the front and back. The hoverbike’s potential to carry soldiers over any terrain is what captured the Army’s attention.

“The Army is interested in disruptive-technology solutions that would keep soldiers away from ground threats,” said Timothy Vong, a project coordinator with the Army. “The Hoverbike is one of many potential solutions the Army is exploring. It is not being evaluated as a replacement for a vehicle … but this kind of technology could serve as an alternative.”

Engineers from Malloy and SURVICE believe they can create a workable bike within three to five years, and there are plans to build a commercial model as well.