Service Members With Previous Federal Experience Affected By Recent Cyber Attack

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The largest data attack in government history could put certain service members at risk of having their personal information exposed or exploited. On Monday, current and former federal employees received emails from the Office of Personnel Management, notifying them that they their information may have been seized during a cyber attack, including service members who had had previous federal civilian experience. While the number of service members impacted, especially those with security clearances, has not been released, the danger stolen information poses could be high.

"All your overseas deployments, who you know, how you spend your money, prior bad acts, embarrassments ranging from affairs to drug use," said Paul Rosenzweig, founder of the homeland security consulting company Red Branch, referring to information he believed might come to light through the data breach. "... I hold a security clearance myself and I've been sitting here thinking of a half-dozen things I haven't told my wife."