The Pimp Senior NCO Who Tried To Start A Prostitution Ring Is Going To Jail

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An undated command photo of Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen.

An undated command photo of Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen.

Sergeant 1st Class Gregory McQueen was part of the Army’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention unit at Fort Hood, Texas, a career soldier, a veteran of Afghanistan, and oh yeah, a predatory pimp who coerced cash-strapped female soldiers into his service as prostitutes for other ranking personnel, with the ultimate goal of building a prostitution ring on the post. Business Insider’s Pamela Engel reports that, on March 11, McQueen plead guilty to 15 of 21 charges against him and has been sentenced to two years in prison, and will be dishonorably discharged.

Among the accusations leveled against McQueen there were claims that he tried to recruit a female soldier, who had previously been sexually assaulted, to attend one of his “wild sex parties,” and another claim that he would keep photos of naked female soldiers to show to prospective clients.

It’s hard to decide what’s more upsetting — the fact that this man was supposed to be a defense against the very acts he participated in, or that he’s only going to prison for two years.