The Marine Corps has the strictest weight standards of any branch in the U.S. military. Prospective Marines must be a certain weight relative to their age, height, and gender in order to enlist. Once in the Corps, Marines must pass a weigh-in at least twice a year. Failure to do so results in negative paperwork and being made to participate in a body composition program to stay in shape, according to Marine Corps Order 6110.3.

None of this deterred Marine Pvt. Troy Still, of Lusby, Maryland, from shedding a whopping 120 pounds in the process of earning the title of United States Marine.

Still was motivated to join the Marine Corps, “To change my life. I always wanted to do something challenging,” he said, according to the Marine Corps recruiting station in Baltimore. “I wanted to do something that will keep me in shape. The Marines will pay me to stay in shape.”

His incredible transformation in the pictures above speak for themselves. Thanks to Sgt. Bryan Nygaard for hooking us up with the photos.

Get a glimpse of what Marine Corps basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina, is like below:

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