It's time we faced an honest, perhaps unpleasant truth: All presidents look silly when they salute.

All. Presidents.

Public domain

Public domain

So let's not judge President Donald Trump too harshly for doing what apparently came naturally when a uniformed, covered North Korean officer saluted the U.S. president, as shown in the communist state-run media's video at the top of this post, 55 seconds in: He saluted back.

GIF by Brad Howard/Task & Purpose

Is it an international incident? Is the president of the United States kowtowing to tyrants?

Please. It's not like he joined a religious cabal of foreign oil oligarchs in a bizarre mystical ritual of alliance involving a glowing orb or something. Just be glad his salute is decent. His superfluous, uncovered, not-in-uniform-but-I-run-things-so-hey-let's-give-it-a-whirl, entirely presidential salute.

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