Officers And Academics Find Common Ground Based On Mutual Respect

Photo by Russell Dodson

When senior officers and academics found themselves working together on a two-day joint humanitarian and disaster relief tabletop exercise, they encountered and overcame what is commonly referred to as the civilian-military divide. At first, each group was somewhat intimidated by the other — academics, awed by those in uniform, with their medals and war stories, and officers somewhat put off by scholars with distinguished degrees and careers, who often rub shoulders with military leaders and renowned leaders.

However, by working together on a series of hypothetical scenarios — which were designed to require both civilian and military expertise, so no one group had all the answers — the participants found they had a lot to offer one another, once personal doubts were set aside.

The Coast Guard is officially shit outta luck for a paycheck thanks to the government shutdown, which means that zero coasties have been paid to create some of the amazing memes being shared as a way to vent their frustration.

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Vice President Mike Pence repeated President Donald Trump's claim that "ISIS has been defeated" in Syria on Wednesday just hours after several U.S. service members were killed by an ISIS suicide bomber in Manbij, Syria.

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Soldiers, family and community gathered in Morehead City to render honors and witness the transfer and memorial of U.S. Army Sgt James Slape Nov. 9-11, 2018. Slape will hold a temporary resting place in Morehead City before ultimately moving to Arlington Cemetery. Slape supported Operations Resolute Support and Freedom Sentinel in Afghanistan. (U.S. Army National Guard Photo by Staff Sgt Leticia Samuels, North Carolina National Guard)

An ISIS suicide bomber killed four Americans in Manbij, Syria, on Wednesday.

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Comedian Steve Carell will be starring in an upcoming Netflix show about the new Space Force that's being described as a "workplace comedy."

Yeah, that's right. The Office, but in freaking space.

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