Task & Purpose Radio

How The Brain Responds To Combat

The crew discusses the impact of combat on the mind and body.

How 15 Years Of War Impacts Military Readiness

Lauren, Weirick, and Nate discuss the impact of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on military readiness and training.

How PTSD Cost Many Vets Their Military Benefits

In Episode 20, Task & Purpose Radio discusses less than honorable discharges that result from mental health issues.

The Differences Between Officer And Enlisted Drinking Habits

Here's what happens when you mix officers and enlisted with alcohol.

The Fist-Raising West Point Cadets Did Nothing Wrong

Episode 18 breaks down the West Point photo controversy and what happens when people get mad on the Internet.

How Does The Military Community Really Feel About Trump?

Episode 17 of the podcast looks at how Donald Trump favors with the military and veterans community.

We’re Being Sold A Certain Kind Of War Against ISIS

The crew discusses why the White House keeps denying that we have troops in combat in Iraq and Syria.

What Questions Has The Serial Podcast Answered On Bergdahl Now That It’s Over?

The crew tries to answers the question, what should we blame Bowe Bergdahl for?

The Serial Podcast Revealed Something Big About The Search For Bergdahl

Task & Purpose Radio discusses the Serial investigation that revealed the Army never formally investigated whether any troops were killed looking for Bergdahl.

Everyone Has Their Own Solution To Stolen Valor

The veterans of Task & Purpose Radio discuss stolen valor.

The Complex History Of The Taliban Peace Talks

In this episode of Task & Purpose Radio, Lauren, Weirick, and Nate discuss Bergdahl's role in negotiating peace talks with the Taliban.

What’s Up With Military Retirement Reforms?

This week, Task & Purpose Radio covers military retirement reforms, VFW priorities in 2016, and tools to survive the apocalypse.

What Happens When The Army’s Recruitment Process Doesn’t Work

Task & Purpose Radio debates whether there is something wrong with the Army's recruitment process.

The Fine Line Between Military Hazing And Discipline

On Task & Purpose Radio, the crew discusses hazing in the military. Also, Lauren interviews Bergdahl's former roommate.

You Don’t Get To Pick Your War

On Task & Purpose Radio, the hosts discuss Bergdahl’s perceived problems with leadership in 2009.

Navy Secretary Promises Not To Lower Standards For Gender Integration

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus responds to his critics.

Interagency Cooperation Demonstrates Real Dysfunction Within The Government

Task & Purpose Radio discusses government interagency cooperation and how it impacted hostage recovery efforts to retrieve Bergdahl.

A Special Forces Commander’s Take On Bergdahl Recovery Ops In 2009

Nate Bethea interviews former Special Forces commander, Mike Waltz, on his experience in Afghanistan conducting recovery ops in search of Bergdahl.