Hold on to your camping gear with these 6 high-grade tent stakes

Keep your tent in place no matter what the weather has in store.

When you think about camping prep, tent stakes might not be the first thing to come to your mind. However, once you get to the site and pitch the tent, if you find yourself short a stake (or relying on low-quality ones), you’ll wish you’d thought ahead. Tent stakes are designed to attach your tent firmly to the ground. With sufficiently heavy-duty stakes, no amount of wind or rain will blow away your sleeping arrangement. 

There are tons of options out there, and though they all look pretty similar, they won’t perform equally. To help you find reliable, effective tent stakes, we’ve crafted a list of the top selections along with some tips on making the right pick. 

SE Metal Tent Pegs

Hold on to your camping gear with these 6 high-grade tent stakes

If you are looking for a set of stakes that will work with pretty much any tent on the market, then SE Metal Tent Pegs are a solid candidate. Constructed using heavy-duty steel, these metal stakes come in a set of ten. Galvanized to ensure sturdiness, the steel material is also resistant to corrosion. At ten inches long and designed with prominent ends, you can hammer down these stakes to anchor just about anything. Thanks to the hardy PVC stopper, all parts of these stakes are sturdy and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. [Buy]

Hoople Tent Spikes 

Hold on to your camping gear with these 6 high-grade tent stakes

Are you on a hunt for versatile anchors that work on everything from a tent to garden fence? Hoople Tent Spikes are definitely worth looking into. Six inches long and tough enough to weather the elements, the galvanized steel ensures that these stakes aren’t sensitive to either moisture or temperature. Paired with the sturdy ends, it’s easy to pound the stakes into place. The pack comes with 100 individual stakes, making them a handy part to have around if you may need to replace one. Lightweight and easy to handle, these tent stakes are popular for good reason. [Buy

Pinnacle Mercantile Tent Stakes

Hold on to your camping gear with these 6 high-grade tent stakes

Missing a couple of stakes on your tent? Need a way to equip your tent with a few spares? Then Pinnacle Mercantile Tent Stakes are an option you should check out. They come in a set of 30, each reaching nine inches long. Unlike some other models, instead of featuring a stopper at the top, the entire stake is crafted out of a single piece that’s angled at the top to hammer into the ground. The angled part acts as a stopper while the main component anchors your tent in place. Made out of strong steel material, these stakes are reliably resistant to the elements. Able to anchor anything from decorations to tents, these stakes are a reliable outdoor solution. [Buy]

Coleman ABS Tent Stakes 

Hold on to your camping gear with these 6 high-grade tent stakes

Those who want to rely on modern material for durability should consider Coleman ABS Tent Stakes. The set comes with nine stakes, each made out of strong ABS plastic. Featuring a beige hue, the spikes won’t stand out loudly in natural settings. Structured with an angled top and sharp base, these spikes hold tightly as an anchoring device, regardless of how intense the environment becomes. Lightweight and compact, these tent stakes don’t take up much space in your gear, and because they are made out of plastic, you don’t have to worry about damage from moisture or rust. Long-lasting and user-friendly, these stakes are ideal for camping enthusiasts. [Buy]

ABCCanopy Tent Stakes

Hold on to your camping gear with these 6 high-grade tent stakes

Want something that is sure to work no matter how large the tent your anchoring actually is? Consider ABCCanopy Tent Stakes for their unique and powerful design. While they may come at a moderately higher price point, the sturdy construction makes it well worth the extra few bucks. At the top of each of these ten spikes is a PVC stopper which ensures that they don’t move after installation. Each stake is 11 inches long and made from rust-resistant metal, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion. These stakes are designed to work on heavy duty equipment and are ideal for serious campers. [Buy|]

Sahara Sailor Tent Stakes

Hold on to your camping gear with these 6 high-grade tent stakes

Do you like to camp in more challenging environments and need a set of stakes that can keep up with you? Take a look at the Sahara Sailor Tent Stakes, a model designed to weather any outdoor situation. Each of the eight ten-inch stakes, while lightweight, is made out of heavy-duty iron. The stakes come with a hammer that is crafted specifically for installing and removing them. The individual stakes are capable of withstanding up to 50 pounds of force; cumulatively, they offer enough power to keep your tent in position despite intense winds. [Buy]

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Types of tent stakes

While all tent stakes are meant to achieve the same goal, there are differences between them. Some are meant for lighter tents, made from lighter materials and short in length. Conversely, those with thicker metal (or plastic) and more length are able to secure larger tents better. You can find tent stakes with a polymer stopper at the top or those which angle to stop them from sinking into the ground. While those with a stopper are easy to install, they tend to be less durable than other models. 

Key features of tent stakes

  • Shaft: The shaft is perhaps the most significant feature of any tent stake. It is the part that actually goes into the ground. Because of this, the tip of the stake needs to be pointy enough to break ground. Generally, the longer the shaft of the stake, the more strength it will offer. 
  • Material: Another factor is what the stake is made out of. The most frequently used materials are iron, steel, and ABS plastic. Each has their own benefits: while metals are the hardest, polymer is actually the most resistant to long-term corrosion and damage from moisture. 
  • Stopper: In order for the stakes to not sink into the ground itself when you hammer them down to anchor a tent, you need some form of a stopper. There are two approaches to stopping the shaft from going too deep. The first is a separate part (usually PVC or ABS plastic) at the top, which provides a larger surface area to hit and stops the stake where you need it. Another way to achieve this is with the stake itself bent at an angle at the top. You use this part to hammer it in and, because it angles outwards, it catches on the ground to stop the stake. 
  • Durability: Since the point of tent stakes is to resist the force of wind and the movement of those inside the tent, it needs to be pretty sturdy. This is all the more important when you’re using the stakes in harsh environments. The stakes need to be resistant to both heat and cold without compromising their grip in the ground. Additionally, they need to resist corrosion. To ensure that they keep working over the long term, be sure that the stake has a good level of rust-resistance. 

Benefits of tent stakes

There are a lot of advantages to having a good supply of tent stakes. The main one, naturally, is the ability to reliably anchor your tent in place when you’re camping. Especially if you travel light and don’t want to leave supplies in the tent, stakes stop the wind from blowing it away. When used in conjunction with rope, you can use these stakes to keep just about anything in place. Many use their tent stakes to hold down yard decorations and gardening supplies. Plus, when you camp for long enough, you’re likely to misplace a stake or two. By keeping extra on hand, you don’t have to worry about running out mid-trip. 

Tent stakes pricing

Depending on how many stakes you plan to purchase, and how heavy-duty they are, the prices vary. You can get lighter-duty models, made out of metal with an angled top, for around $15. If you need something that can perform in more intense environments, you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $25. The good news is that tent stakes tend to be interchangeable, meaning you can use just about any model to replace your missing ones. Plus, since packs of stakes come with several individual pieces, the sets offer good bang for your buck. 

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