Hunker down with these 6 top-rated wall tents

Protect yourself from overheating, sunburn, and pesky bugs with the coverage of a quality tent.

Whether you’re taking a camping trip, heading to the beach, or just want to make your yard more comfortable, you can reap lots of advantages from wall tents. As opposed to standard tents, these models feature distinct, flat-panel walls. Usually supported by four large legs, most wall tents are designed for you to walk into them with ease, but with so many different sizes and structures available on the market, it can be a real challenge to track down the right wall tent for your needs. 

To assist, we’ve scoured the internet for the best wall tents on the market. Check out this breakdown to find out everything you need to know about making the perfect wall tent pick. 

ABCCanopy Outdoor Wall Tent

Hunker down with these 6 top-rated wall tents

Ideal for casual use and large gatherings, the ABCCanopy Outdoor Pop-Up Wall Tent is incredibly easy to both set up and tear down. The tent itself features a raised roof that comes to a point and four large legs that are angled slightly outwards in order to ensure solid footing. While this tent comes with a single UV-resistant panel at the back, you can easily add on extra canvas to close it in. The tent is resistant to heat and offers a lot of coverage from sunlight thanks to the opaque roof. With over 64 square feet of the area, you can easily put a table, small grill, or anything else underneath it. Stored in a compact wheeled container, this lightweight tent is a popular choice for backyard events. [Buy]

Caravan Canopy Wall Tent Sidewalls

Hunker down with these 6 top-rated wall tents

If you have a favorite wall tent that’s served you well, then Caravan Canopy Wall Tent Sidewalls are a worthy addition to the mix. Each square panel offers 100 square feet of surface area. Three of these walls are uniform, though one of them includes a central zipper that lets you enter and exit the tent with ease. This model is particularly useful to those who might have a tent structure but need to replace the canvas. The color of these panels blends into just about any setting and has the added benefit of not absorbing too much heat. Made entirely out of high-grade textiles, the durable canvas walls are designed to last over the long term. Lightweight and easy to install, these walls definitely enhance your tent game. [Buy]

Master Canopy Instant Canopy Wall Tent

Hunker down with these 6 top-rated wall tents

Do you live in an area that’s prone to particularly high UV indexes? If that’s the case, then the Master Canopy Instant Canopy Wall Tent is worth checking out. You can get this wall in a whole host of colors, each of them designed to resist ultraviolet radiation; they’re also made out of top-quality polyester textile and coated to offer a high level of water-resistant. Fitting onto any standard ten-by-ten setup and designed for an easy installation, these canopies go into place using velcro technology. The eight individual tabs attach to the edge of the frame and hold on tightly despite the wind and rain. [Buy]

E-Z Up Camping Cube

Hunker down with these 6 top-rated wall tents

Need a whole new wall tent setup and want it to last? Check out the E-Z Up Camping Cube Wall Tent. It’s a lightweight, completely enclosed tent that offers a fair amount of protection from the elements. While it might have a heftier price tag than other models, the quality manufacturing and parts make it well worth the investment. It comes as a ten-foot cube that, at the raised center, is over six feet tall. Able to accommodate as many as 14 people, this tent is remarkably spacious. The zippered windows, when closed, offer protection from rain and wind; unzipped, they encourage airflow without letting bugs or UV rays in. Relatively easy to install, this high-grade tent is built with a focus on durability. [Buy]

Impact Canopy Wall Tent

Hunker down with these 6 top-rated wall tents

If you want to be able to see your surroundings from inside your wall tent, the Impact Canopy Wall Tent Mesh Kit is a useful option. It comes with all four walls, three of which are entirely solid. The remaining sidewall has a zipper at the center for easy access. The screens are dense enough to keep small bugs out of the tent yet don’t compromise your ability to see around you, a porousness that also helps to encourage airflow. Since the tent has a base with 100 square feet of area, this helps when accommodating large groups of people. The walls are easy to install on any standard wall tent since they rely on velcro technology. Reasonably durable and lightweight, this wall tent solution is a great way to go for warm-weather gatherings. [Buy]

ABC Canopy Instant Sun Wall Tent

Hunker down with these 6 top-rated wall tents

Those who want a wall tent that is going to enhance their patio or backyard can get a lot of benefit from the ABC Canopy Instant Sun Wall Tent. You can get the canvas covering in a wide range of colors, letting you integrate it into your home’s style. Meant to work with a standard straight-leg structure, these side walls provide highly efficient protection from the sun. At ten-by-ten feet, this polymer canopy is highly durable. It prevents wind and water from getting through, helping the items beneath your wall tent stay clean and secure. Installing easily, this Denier polyester panel is lightweight enough to maneuver effortlessly. Simple to clean and maintain, this wall tent selection is ideal for use during all seasons. [Buy]

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Types of wall tents

There are many different types of wall tents and accessories available. Most wall tents have a fairly standardized design, though are available in several sizes. The most common type features four straight legs that connect to a square frame at the top of the tent. This leads to another set of four poles, angled upwards and meeting at a point in the center. Canopy panels cover each of the walls, resulting in a very spacious tent experience which is often used for large events. The other common type of wall tent attaches to an existing wall. These only use two legs which connect to a pole that then leads attachments to a point. This type of wall tent requires fewer panels, though is less versatile. 

Key features of wall tents

  • Frame: The key to any wall tent is the frame. This structure is built to be long-lasting, and will often outlive the other components of a wall tent. As a result, when many search for wall tents, they are after the canopies. Since the frames are most often made out of rust-resistant steel or aluminum, they are lightweight yet durable. Ideally, the frame will be easy to put together and takedown, and thin enough to be compatible with any type of canopy. 
  • Panels:  Also called the canopy, the panel wall is the namesake of the wall tent. Basically, it refers to a flat, durable sheet of textile. These separate pieces attach to the frame of the wall tent. In most cases, the panels hook on using velcro. Most panels are made out of treated polyester to facilitate water-resistance and improve the UPF value. The most important factor when assessing this feature is size. The most common design is ten-by-ten feet, though it is important to consult the specs of your tent before making your pick. 
  • Entrance/Exit: Especially if you choose a wall tent that has four walls, you’ll need some sort of opening for the tent. It’s most common for wall tents to consist of three solid panels and one with an opening in the center. Generally, a fine-tooth zipper is used. It should be durable and provide a seal against moisture. Some wall tents incorporate other features like windows to improve airflow. While this helps with comfort, the most important thing is making sure one of the panels opens to let you in. 

Wall tent benefits

There are tons of advantages to wall tents, though the most significant of them is easily the spaciousness. Wall tents have a raised roof and offer a significant amount of surface area to maneuver within. Meant to fit groups of people and even furniture, wall tents are easy and comfortable to move around in. Plus, with a solid roof, you get a significant amount of protection against the weather. Wall tent panels are made out of thick material that, when you choose a high quality option, will keep the rain and wind out. If you need space but still want protection from bugs and dust, a wall tent is a good way to go. 

Wall tent pricing

You can get wall tents in a range of prices, depending on what you need out of it. To get the entire frame and panels together, it will cost somewhere in the range of $150-$200. However, once you have the frame and are looking for panels, the cost goes down drastically. When you’re replacing the walls on your tent, you can expect to pay in the range of $50. With so many options, most are available in tons of colors and sizes — the key is to choose something that you like and will use. 

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